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Next-Gen Playstation 6 and Xbox Set to Debut in 2028, Court Documents Reveal

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Sony’s Playstation consoles have gained a huge fanbase in India with gamers enjoying their awesome gaming capabilities. While the Playstation 5 (PS5) remains a popular choice among gamers, recent findings from court documents seen by IGN indicate that the next generation of Playstation and Xbox consoles could debut as early as 2028.

In a legal case related to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard in a US court, the tech giant announced that it expects next-gen game consoles to officially release in 2028. This projection indicates that current-gen successors, including the PS5, Xbox X, and S, could arrive after an eight-year gap.

Information about upcoming consoles has been revealed in documents that discuss Sony’s decade-long commitment to releasing Call of Duty titles exclusively on Playstation consoles. IGN’s report pointed out that this commitment will extend beyond the planned launch period for the next generation of consoles in 2028, further confirming the potential for new gaming hardware.

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These results indicate that Microsoft is actively developing its own game consoles. It should be noted that Sony and Microsoft have historically released their high-end game consoles in the same year. For example, Sony launched the PS5 on November 12, 2020, just two days after the last Xbox series hit the market. This concurrent pattern has also been noted with previous console releases.

These projected release years are consistent with previous data from Sony, as the company has indicated that the next Playstation console will most likely arrive in 2027.

Additionally, Redmond-headquartered Microsoft is defending its position in a $69 billion acquisition deal against the US Federal Trade Commission. The ongoing experiment has revealed various details about the future of the gaming industry. In a recent update, the head of Xbox confirmed that Microsoft intends to continue offering Call of Duty games on the future Playstation consoles after the game developer’s acquisition.

These developments offer an exciting glimpse into the future of gaming and hint at the exciting possibilities that await gamers as they anticipate the arrival of the Playstation 6 and the next generation of Xbox consoles.

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