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She’s bigger than you think

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Naafiri is the new League of Legends champion, and a developer recently revealed just how big this dog is in canon.

The Nafri is a big dog. What size? You can’t even imagine. | © Riot Games

Al-Nafiri is the next League of Legends champion. Her collection was recently revealed and she looks amazing. For the first time in years, we finally get a new creature hero and “easy to play” mid lane killer.

But one thing that has come to light recently is the fact that she’s actually much taller than her in-game model would have you believe. One of the developers took to Twitter to reveal just how big Naafiri the Hundred Bite Dog really is.

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Naafiri is something of a Desert Shriman Hound, which might lead some players to think she’d be the shortest Darkin of all Summoner’s Rift, but if you think so, you’re wrong.

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The tallest Darkin in League of Legends is Aatrox, who is said to stand around 22 feet tall. When he uses his ultimate size, this size becomes even larger, making him the tallest in Darkin.

On the other hand, Varus is normal human size. Some would describe him as short at 5’7. So where exactly does Nafari fit into all of this?

Well, however He is inspired by the Desert Dogs, which is rather small, Navery stands over 7 feet tall, according to Riot Raptorr.

Nafri stands 7 feet (2.134 m) from her shoulders when standing on all fours. That’s 8.25 corgis stacked on top of each other.

Unfortunately, that size doesn’t match his in-game model. Of course, in a game like League of Legends, it’s hard to make the heroes look like their canonical beliefs, but a little bigger dog would have been nice.

Who are the greatest League of Legends Lore champions?

Is Asol one of the greatest champions lol? | © Riot Games

There are quite a few big heroes in League of Legends like Cho’Gath or Zac, who can age as the game progresses, but there are heroes who are much bigger in Legacy than what can be depicted visually in Summoner’s Rift.

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  1. Aurellion floor: Aurelion Sol, also known as Star Forger, is a celestial dragon of immense size and strength. In the lore, his body is said to cover galaxies and he can manipulate the stars themselves.
  2. Ornn: Ornn is a legendary blacksmith demigod associated with the Freljord region. Although his height is not explicitly stated, he is depicted as towering over ordinary humans and possessing incredible strength.
  3. Anivea: Anivia is an ancient and majestic refreshing phoenix. Although its size is not explicitly stated, it is described as a giant bird of ice and snow, capable of causing blizzards and freezing entire landscapes.
  4. NautilusNautilus is a huge giant that was once a sea devoured by the depths of the ocean. He wears massive armor and carries a huge anchor, hinting at his massive size and strength.
  5. malvite: Malphite, part of the Monolith, is a building block of living stone. Although his size can vary, he is often depicted as a huge mountain-like creature, symbolizing the raw power of the Earth.

Naafiri isn’t even close to the size of any of those monsters, but she’s a pretty big heroine, especially with the number of humans or human champions we have in League of Legends.

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