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Tekto F3 Charlie is a great tactical EDC tool

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With a massive 3.8 inch blade length, the F3 Charlie is no ordinary pocket racquet… it’s bigger, heavier up front, and built to be reliable in tactical situations. Larger than its siblings, the F1 Alpha and F2 Bravo (both of which we love at YD), the F3 Charlie takes inspiration from hunting and leather knives, with a pointed blade and curved shape. However, its handle is G10 fiberglass, giving you a great knife that’s still light enough to maneuver expertly, then folds up and comes off when you’re done.

Designer: Tekto Design

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The folks at Tekto have built a solid reputation in the knife community, especially for their OTF knives which remain some of the most fun switch blades you can get your hands on. F3 Charlie is not one of them. Designed with a flipper mechanism and lock button instead, this folding knife isn’t for tactile fun, it’s a serious tactical tool for business. The knife measures 9 inches when open, 3.8 being the blade itself. That gives you a 5.2-inch handle, which means you can grip it incredibly well – more so with grooves built into the handle design and ergonomic padding for added comfort.

The use of the F3 Charlie is easy, thanks to its ease of handling and maneuvering. Weighing 4.5 ounces (127 grams), the F3 Charlie is incredibly light for its size, a feature attributed to the knife’s G10 fiberglass handle. The weight is mostly on the F3 Charlie blade, which really works in your favor when you have hard work to do. The D2 steel blade comes with a titanium finish making it incredibly flexible, while the forcefully curved drop point blade is ideal for piercing or stabbing, scraping, slicing, leather, etc. Jumping on top of the blade makes it easier to hold and maneuver the Charlie F3, allowing your thumb to press down while cutting and slicing.

Deploying the F3 Charlie is easy with a finger flipper and a lock button that takes a fraction of a second to spin the blade. A press of the button loosens the blade mechanism and a simple flick of the wrist gives the blade the momentum it needs to swing it outward. Release the button and the blade locks securely in place. It’s an exhilarating and addictive experience that really lets you use the weight of the F3 Charlie Blade to its advantage. After closing the blade, the F3 Charlie slips into your pocket thanks to the deep pocket clip on the handle. There is also a lanyard hole built into the handle design, just in case you want to hang your EDC anywhere.

Comfort Liners – The F3 Charlie’s comfort liners enhance durability while maintaining a sleek profile. In a choice of fingers, exposed elastic tactical rings provide added grip for tough, relentless performance.

Oversized Blade – The F3 Charlie features a tough, oversized D2 titanium coated blade, combining massive strength with superior precision. It is the best choice for flexibility and high performance in tactical scenarios.

Soft Button Lock The F3 Charlie excels with its soft button lock mechanism, ensuring quick blade deployment and confident handling. In tactical situations where every second counts, this feature becomes indispensable.

The Tekto F3 Charlie comes with four grips to choose from – black, grey, OD green and a cool G10 Damascus. The blade is available in black, thanks to the titanium coating on the D2 steel. Like all Tekto EDCs, the F3 Charlie comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

Click here to buy now: $110.50 $129.99 (15% discount with promo code “YANKO”). Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours.

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