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Notes and rumors ahead of the 2023 NHL Draft

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Jun 28, 2023 3:49 PM

Nashville Quick Notes:

• Pat Verbeek asks people to guess the second option. The Anaheim general manager learned wing tip from Steve Yzerman, who plays hard and isn’t afraid to deflect. Ducks don’t trade him, but will they make the second consensus — Adam Fantley — their pick?

• Montreal is the first joker. The Canadiens have several teams offering to trade up to the top five, and that may depend on how things develop in front of them.

• Philadelphia is the “Smoky Queen” of this draft. Some are confident that they will take Matvey Michkov if he is available, others will go with Ryan Leonard. Watch it be someone else.

• Nashville is striving to break into the top ten. They also work hard to find a job.

• With Milan Lucic’s imminent return to Boston, it would be crazy for Toronto to sign Ryan Reeves. I think it could be offline in Minnesota. The Maple Leafs are looking to capitalize on their ultimate six strength. Reaves and Austin Watson consider both possibilities. Maybe Miles Wood too, depending on what he’s looking for.

• I think Boston has another move to make room. We’ll see.

• A general manager said that if San Jose made Erik Carlson an $8 million quarterback for another team, things would get very interesting.

• I think Seattle is looking for offensive punchers, as well as center.

• JT Compher will not return to Colorado and is now a free agent after trading Ross Colton and Ryan Johansen to the Avalanche. Teams are always looking for jobs.

• The most likely flame of the trade was Tyler Toffoli. Now that it’s over, we’ll see. They are still waiting for Elias Lindholm’s decision. There are varying levels of interest in Noah Hanifen, Chris Tanev, and Nikita Zadorov. Calgary will have options here, but they are determined to be patient.

• There is a lot of noise around Anthony Duclair. I think Florida is trying to get its long-term cap fixed as soon as possible.

• I think Pittsburgh is interested in Blake Wheeler, but I’m not sure that will happen.

• Tampa Bay General Manager Julian Pressboys says the Lightning are still trying to sign Tanner Ginot and Alex Killorn.

• My attraction tonight on a personal level: Andrew Cristall of WHL Kelowna. Her father, Alex, is an old acquaintance. We went to summer camp and Western University together. There, Alex met his wife, Judy (like many of us, she’s better than him). The end of the season was not easy for Andrew, but the road has never been easy. This applies to everyone who is available for the next 24 hours, but these are the first days of the rest of your life. Do what you want to do and that leads the way.

good luck!

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