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Montreal drafted Need into the 2023 draft

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There was a lot of excitement among Montreal Canadiens fans when the team entered the 2023 NHL Draft.

And despite the fact that the team added two very good players to the mix in Alex Newhook and David Reinbacher, you’d be hard-pressed to say that the Canadiens were one of the early winners this year.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s mention that Reinbacher may not be flashy, but he can be expected to be a very good defender.

Of course, it’s always too early to announce the long-term winners and losers in these situations, but according to most pre-draft rankings, the Canadiens have failed to make many, if any, valuable picks.

Goaltender Jacob Fowler is an interesting option for the 69th overall pick, and Luke Mittelstadt, the 197th overall pick, should provide additional value since some outlets have listed him among the top 100 prospects available.

However, it was very clear that the Canadiens were creating a need, which is an old and dubious bet when it comes to NHL prospects. By the time most players are ready to transition to professional hockey, the team’s roster will be significantly different from what Kent Hughes will bring this season.

Adding goalkeepers and super players isn’t necessarily a bad move, but we also have to realize that this type of player is readily available in other ways that don’t involve spending valuable selection money.

Fortunately, two goaltenders were drafted from the USHL and the MHL, which means the Canadiens will have four years to assess their development. As for Quentin Miller, he didn’t get many starts for the Quebec Remparts, but when he did, he established himself as an interesting prospect.

Unsurprisingly, the feeling among Canadiens fans is that the team missed an opportunity to increase depth potential by going the “safe” route. However, as we have often heard, safety is death in sports.

This is not to say that the Canadiens draft will be among the worst in franchise history, but there is very little evidence that it will ever be considered anything other than an average draft class.

Montreal Canadiens Brass Thumbtacks

Kent Hughes had already trusted his development team after pulling the trigger on the deal that saw Alex Newhawk move to the Canadiens, and on day two of the 2023 draft he simply cemented the notion that he believed they could work their magic. . And the hockey world was surprised by their choices.

And they might need a little bit of magic to make it happen depending on the draft’s general notes.

Reinbacher, fifth overall, ranks ninth on the overall lists and as low as 20th.

Fowler, 69, is ranked between 45th and 103rd overall.

Florian Xhekaj, 101 overall, was rated by just one outlet, and they would have made him rank 214.

Bogdan Konichkov, who is 110th overall, is a 20-year-old defender who has not been rated by any media.

Quentin Miller, No. 128, is a player I hoped the Canadiens would consider, but he’s rated just two points: 192 and 228.

Sam Harris, who ranked 133rd overall, was not rated by any outlet.

Guard Yevgeny Volokhin, ranked 144th overall, has not been rated by any media.

Philip Ericsson, who is ranked 165th overall, is ranked only by one outlet (239th overall).

Ok Mittelstadt, a 20-year-old defenseman, is perhaps the Canadiens’ most popular pick, with some media outlets ranking him 91st overall.

You see, the Canadians ignored caution, or rather, consensus, in Nashville.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does put Kent Hughes and Co. in a difficult situation. If their confusing draft, which featured too many goaltenders and too few overage players, doesn’t work out, the 2023 NHL draft could end up being too much of a liability when discussing the state of the franchise.

And that’s not something a rebuilding team like the Montreal Canadiens can afford.

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