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Steam Deck Up to 20% Off Steam Summer Sale

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Keep page one, Valve’s Steam Deck just got its second big discount in the all-new Steam Summer Sale of 2023. That’s right, you can currently get up to 20% off PC gaming laptop, knocking down the 512GB model from $649 to $519.20 a healthy discount of $129.80 overall.

The 64GB model is also 10% off, down to $359, while the 256GB model is 15% off, down to $449.95. Check out our Steam Deck review or our ROG Ally vs Steam Deck comparison for more details on the hands-on rig. Steam’s summer sale runs until July 13, so you have some time to weigh your options before committing to some big purchases as well.

The Best Steam Deck Accessories to Consider

If you’re buying a Steam Deck during the sale, we thought it might be a good idea to recommend a few useful accessories to consider with your purchase. There are plenty of accessories to check out after securing your order, but for starters, we definitely suggest getting a power bank. The Steam Deck does a lot of things right, but you may still struggle to maintain decent battery life when you’re on the go playing heavier games like God of War or Red Dead Redemption. At best you will have about 1-2 hours. So, to get the most out of your laptop, here are the best portable chargers to consider.

Next in our most recommended accessories are the handy micro SD cards. These do a great job of expanding your overall storage, especially if you opt for the 64GB version. The Steam Deck can probably fill up pretty quickly if you install big games like Hogwarts Legacy or Cyberpunk 2077, so an SD card is a smart and surprisingly affordable investment. Also, the performance scores are relatively minor compared to reading an internal SSD, so these are good micro SD cards to check out.

The best deals from the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is also here right now, and there’s a whole host of great discounts on the latest and greatest, from AAA hits to top indie games, so this sale seems to have it all. We’ll leave our favorite picks from the sale below for your consideration, but it’s also worth checking out the full sale (and your wishlist) for the full picture. But, if you’re also looking to save a little extra cash, trustworthy seller Green Man Gaming also has a summer sale right now with plenty of discounts they’re offering better than what’s offered directly through Steam.

More great deals ahead of Prime Day

There are plenty of other great deals you can already check out ahead of the Prime Day sale from July 11-12. This includes 3 months of free Audible, 30% off new Amazon Echo Buds (2023), and a whole host of Amazon devices that have already had discounts. Plus, we’ve got 10 essential tips and tricks to follow to make sure you’re saving as much as possible on this busy day. If you’re trying to cut costs while maintaining your favorite hobby, stay tuned for more amazing discounts or follow us. @employee on Twitter for more updates ahead of Prime Day.

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