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Urtopia wants to integrate ChatGPT in its electric bikes

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orthopy He wants to use artificial intelligence to improve the cycling experience.

The Chinese mobility company announced plans to integrate ChatGPT into its e-bikes earlier this week at Eurobike 2023, according to the New Atlas. The brand plans to leverage the much-discussed AI chatbot as a co-pilot on two battery-powered wheels.

Urtopia has launched forward-thinking e-bikes with features like fingerprint unlocking and anti-theft protection since 2021. However, the incorporation of interactive OpenAI technology has the potential to transform its vehicles into fully functional smart devices. Indeed, the company is considering ChatGPT allowing its two-wheelers to provide real-time assistance according to the needs of cyclists.

a Post a YouTube video Before the company clarifies that ChatGPT will be used, at least initially, to improve the voice assistant technology already present in Urtopia. Previously, voice interactions were limited to basic commands regarding assist levels and lane changes. With ChatGPT, however, riders can instruct their bike to plan a more efficient (or scenic) ride, play curated music through a built-in speaker, or provide information about the immediate surroundings. The technology is certainly not necessary, but the possibilities are intriguing.

“Urtopia’s control system is fully developed and integrated,” the brand told New Atlas. “As the first e-bike to feature voice recognition, Urtopia can interact with ChatGPT through advanced voice recognition technology, creating a truly smart and responsive cycling experience. »

It’s unclear when Urtopia plans to start selling bikes with ChatGPT built-in. The company’s video shows off the tech used with one of their Chain models, which already feature GPS navigation and mobile connectivity (as with their other bike, the Carbon 1). He could also wait for the technology to roll out to an all-new bike.

Urtopia isn’t the only company trying to find a way to integrate ChatGPT into its cars. Mercedes-Benz is also testing the technology on its cars, indicating that an artificial intelligence revolution is coming to the world of mobility in the very near future.

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