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Microsoft announces free general intelligence skills course to empower learners

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To facilitate a better understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft has unveiled a new AI skills initiative as part of its Skills for Jobs program. Working with LinkedIn, the tech giant has launched a new learning path offering free introductory AI training courses, aimed at equipping workers with basic AI knowledge and promoting business executives. responsible AIs. Successful completion of the course will reward participants with a valuable “Essentials of the Profession” certificate, making it an attractive opportunity for those pursuing professional certification in generative AI.

The importance of talent in AI is growing globally and India has emerged as a leader as it has the second largest talent pool in the world. Remarkably, it leads to both AI skill penetration and AI talent concentration. However, despite there being nearly 420,000 AI/ML big data analytics professionals, there is still a whopping 51% gap between demand and supply for such talent in the country.

Microsoft is emphasizing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, recognizing that the rapid pace of information work exceeds our ability to keep up. In response, the company launched this campaign to empower people with AI expertise. Over the past two years, Microsoft says it has trained about 70,000 female students from second- and third-tier cities in AI skills, in a bid to bridge the knowledge gap and promote mass adoption of AI.

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Junjan Patel, director and head of philanthropy at Microsoft India, highlights the importance of AI skills in business training strategies, ranking it third on the list of priorities alongside analytical and creative thinking. Recognizing the potential of AI to empower workers, I highlighted the importance of ensuring everyone has the skills to use AI effectively. The IA Skills Initiative is seen as an important step towards achieving this goal and fostering a new era of technological innovation.

Generative AI has been gaining momentum since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022. This cutting-edge chatbot has impressed and in some cases annoyed users with its impressive skills. While many people use it to speed up their tasks, concerns have been raised about potential job displacement, as AI can instantly complete tasks that would take significantly longer than humans. However, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used around the world for various applications, which improves efficiency and productivity. Thus, companies attach great importance to AI experts.

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