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Oh no no, Barbie has a two-way French sign

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Ryan Gosling holds skates while Margot Robbie rolled her eyes while driving.

marketing campaign for Barbie Movie was something to watch. From brand collaborations to molded, fold-out meme posters. It drew crowds to theaters in its opening weekend. The film is also shown worldwide, with many posters in different languages. The French poster didn’t seem to translate quite as well as would be expected from the English, resulting in a sloppy and hilarious pun on the poster.

logo Barbie She was “she’s everything, and he’s just Ken.” The tagline has become somewhat of a meme, with many people on the Internet posting their own version of the heralded Barbie/Ken dynamic. However, when making the poster in French, the marketing team chose a similar slogan “She can do it all. It’s only Ken”, but it is in French with the literal French translation “She can do it all. Louie, it’s only Ken”. This sentence also sounds full of French slang, especially around the word “ken” and the slogan could also be translated as “she knows how to do everything.” He just knows how to do it. ยป

While it’s unclear if WB caught the double entendre, The Hollywood Reporter is claiming it’s impossible the marketing team didn’t notice. The post claims that no French speaker would have realized the outrageous involvement, especially given the photos on the poster, which show him shirtless. Ryan Gosling, impeccably dressed, and Margot Robbie hoisted like Barbie on her shoulders. the Barbie The posters so far have been very detailed so I can’t see this pass without thinking twice. Also, given the slight change in the French motto, it appears to be very intentional. Look :

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While we’ll never know for sure if the marketing team wants to get rid of those dirty French words, they certainly wouldn’t be completely out of place for the movie. The trailer itself contains several amusing nods to the non-sexual innocence of Ken and Barbie’s relationship, even though they are “girlfriend-friend.” Also, despite the childish subject matter, Barbie The movie is rated PG-13 and has not been declared a children’s movie. Considering all that, I think this subtle and accurate slogan is appropriate, useful or not.

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie also suggested that the film focus on feminism and have more complex girlish themes. Even referenced in the first trailer 2001: A Space Odyssey1968 film directed by Stanley Kubrick. Barbie It has to be much more of a defining and presence than many initially realize, suggesting a complex cinematic experience. With all that you’re trying to accomplish, you’ve got a dirty little joke. Also, there is a long history of filmmakers hiding adult content in innocent places, so some may see it as carrying on a cinematic tradition.

Barbie One of the most anticipated films of the summer, it hits theaters on July 21. With plenty of sparkly pink moments befitting Mattel icon, Casting All-Star, so be sure to check out. For more information on the other films hitting theaters later this year, you can check out the 2023 Movie Release Schedule website.

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