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Jad Hadid angers the Internet by flirting with women and asking strange questions

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When Jad Hadid asked her about a French kiss on the latest episode of the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2, Manisha Rani claimed she was from a different culture, but also promised that she would kiss her at the end of the season. Manisha and Jade have been flirting and flirting since day one of the reality show which marks the digital debut of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Salman is the presenter of the show this year and has replaced Karan Johar in the position. (Also Read: Bigg Boss OTT 2: Palak Purswani is the second contestant to be eliminated)

Jad Hadid flirts with several women at home.

It all started when Manisha got fully dressed and walked over to Jade who was lying in bed with Cyrus Proacha. “It bothered me then, and now I totally care.” “I’m here for you to tease me,” Cyrus said, and Cyrus added that she put on her lipstick for Jade. Then Jade said, “Let’s take it off” and opened her arms, calling out to Manisha as everyone cheered.

Manisha will not allow a French kiss

Manisha first tells her that her kiss cost her s5 lakh each, but they are “free” for him. Then Jad Hadid sat down and said he would like to see how amazing she is. When everyone starts yelling and asking her to kiss Jad, she says, “It’s a kiss, it’s not normal in India. Look, I’m fine with a kiss on the forehead but nothing more. Jad gets frustrated when Cyrus demands that ‘a kiss on the head’ isn’t enough after wasting ten days into it.

“In Bihar, where I come from, kissing on the forehead is very important. We only kiss our loved ones,” she said, interrupting to tell him their cultures are very different. “We believe in the French kiss. This is how you embrace the human soul.”

Manisha promises one last French kiss

Then Manisha joked, “Do you want me not to go back to Bihar and for my parents to kick me out of their house? Listen Babu, I am ready for the French kiss but after this show, (promise me that) you will take me with you to Dubai, if you are ready, I am fine too.”

Jade asked: Should you marry the person you kiss? After much discussion, she strokes his face as he closes his eyes in anticipation but quickly announces, “Ho Glay (enough)”. They hugged and then he asked if that was okay too. She said to him: It is permissible for him to kiss her on her forehead, her hands, or her hands.

In another incident, Jade was seen asking Akanksha Puri about the color of her underwear. He was also seen trying to get comfortable with Jia Shankar.

Twitter calls Jad “Thinky”

Social media did not like the way things turned out during the incident and many Twitter users called Jad “Thinky”. One wrote: “Gad > rich + playboy + scary + thief + harassing women on national TV. #BiggBossOTT #BiggBossOTT2 do something.” Another tweeted, “Gad Thrakey is literally helpful to all the girls in the house. He is completely unfazed and continues to touch any girl he wants, and it hasn’t been like once in a blue moon. Every time I go live I’m just trying to help someone #BiggBossOTT2onJioCinema.

One Bigg Boss fan wondered why the girls were giving him the same attention. “Why the hell are all the girls so interested in a serious thorky thing. Manisha bhai gill padti rihi hai.. abhiya.”

Bigg Boss OTT 2

Jad is a Lebanese model who has a daughter – Katalia Hadid – and a divorcee. He is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss OTT 2 along with Manisha, Akanksha Puri, Bebika Dhruve, Cyrus, Pooja Bhatt, Avinash Sachdev, Abhishek Malhan, Falaq Naaz and Jiya Shankar.

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