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Biggest winners and losers from NHL free agency

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a surprisingly good period of free agency.

The Toronto Maple Leafs started poorly with the inexplicable cheering of Ryan Reeves and David Kampf, but were later saved from more poor decisions, with Justin Hall, Ryan O’Reilly, Noel Aciari, Michael Ponting and Luke Chien all signed to the lottery. . Money and duration with other teams.

Not only do the Leafs win a bit by not signing these guys, they win again when other teams go up against empty spaces.

With that in mind, let’s check out the winners and losers of the Free Agency Day.

Toronto Maple Leafs and other free agency winners

Toronto Maple Leafs: Adding Bertuzzi and Domi, and having only one year is a huge win for the Leafs. Bertuzzi adds a dimension he has long lacked in the front six, while Domi is a very decent player in the middle six.

It’s not quite as good, but at $3 million for one season, it doesn’t have to be. There may still be an upside to his game and $3 million is worth the risk.

The Leafs’ main victory is not who they sign, but who they don’t sign. The lack of commitment from Ryan O’Reilly and Luke Schenn made the Leafs the biggest winners of the day.

Dallas Stars: They’ve got the best player available, Matt Duchene, for a great price.

Carolina Hurricanes: They signed Orloff for cheaper and shorter than I could ever imagine, and re-promoted the guy Freddy Andersen, one of the best goaltenders in Toronto Maple Leafs history.

New York Rangers: Blake Wheeler’s $800,000, one-year deal is one without the high risk and reward potential, though unlikely.

Washington capitals: A cheap year from Max Pacioretty is a great move. If he can play, he’s probably still in the top flight. If he can’t, no loss.

Bonus Winner: The whole team that did nothing.

Biggest losers

Nashville (miles): Losing Duchene and then using the money they saved buying him to pay Luke Schenn and Ryan O’Reilly two of the worst deals of the day is laughable.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Tristan was my neighbor 5 years ago? okay then. They also added Noel Acciari, Lars Eller, Riley Smith, Alex Nedeliovich, Matt Nieto and Ryan Graves. A lot of money, a lot of jargon, a terrible day for Kyle Dupas.

Anaheim Ducks: 4 x years for Killorn? Why?

Ottawa Senators: 5 years for Jonas Korbesalo? They were never educated in Ottawa, right?

Detroit Red Wings: 5×5 for JT Compher? Now, if you were to take Chad and JT’s JT Parr, that would be a great move. But for Compher? no.

New York Islanders: Luckily they locked up Sorokin, but the contracts they gave Engvall and Mayfield were insane.

Boston Bruins: They lost Patrice Bergeron, David Craigie, Tyler Bertuzzi, Nick Foligno, Garrett Hathaway and Dimitri Orloff. Pick up JVR, Lucic and Shattenkirk. Yes.

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