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Final Fantasy XVI update 1.03 released; Adds motion blur slider and more button layouts

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Square Enix has been updated Final Fantasy XVI to version 1.03. Although no comments have yet been given, fans have discovered that a motion blur slider has been added, along with additional button layouts and the ability to prevent the camera from auto-centering.

thanks for the @employee on Twitter to share this research.

The Full Patch Notes Quoted Below:

  • Adds the following items to the System tab of the main menu:
    • Motion blur power
      Allows the player to adjust the strength of the motion blur effect when the character or camera is moving. The default setting is 5. Max. This can be lowered to reduce the strength of the motion blur effect, or set to 0 to turn it off completely.
    • Follow player (movement)
    • Follow player (attack)
      Disabling these settings prevents the camera from automatically tracking the player during movement and attack, respectively.
  • Modify the maximum parameters Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal) And Camera sensitivity (vertical) Articles 10 to 20.
  • Adds three new controller layouts: D, E, and F types.
  • Fixes an issue that affected the stability of some menus.
  • Fixes some text issues.
  • Adds hashtag #FF16 when sharing screenshots or videos on Twitter or YouTube.

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