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Twitch finally adds stories and a stream to discover new streamers to watch

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It’s probably safe to say that no one could have expected LinkedIn to add stories before Twitch, but here we go. Almost eight years after Instagram removed the feature from Snapchat, Twitch on Saturday announced its users will be able to start saving Stories from the end of this year. During the TwitchCon Paris event, Twitch announced plans to roll out its temporary media format in October. Once arrived, Stories will live on the next page of the Twitch mobile app, where they will be subject to Twitch’s Community Guidelines and automated security systems. Additionally, creators will have the ability to limit their stories to only appear to those who follow them.

Stories is one of the few features announced by Twitch on Saturday. In the fall, the company announced plans to introduce a new discovery stream that it says will make it easier for creators to grow their audience, even when they’re not streaming. Like Stories, the Discovery Stream will appear on the company’s mobile app and will include both live and recorded content.

“Because Twitch is about live interactive channels, our goal is not for viewers to spend hours on their Clips stream,” Twitch said. “Our investment in Clips is to help viewers discover your channel so they can connect with you and your community when you stream. Twitch plans to perform limited testing of the Discovery Stream before rolling out the feature to its wider Twitch user base in late 2023. Other features the company said it is working on include improvements to the built-in clip editor of the platform. Coming late next month, the tool will allow creators to export vertical videos directly to TikTok.

On Saturday, Twitch said it would give creators more control over when commercial breaks play during a stream. A new chat countdown will display exactly when an ad is about to appear. Streamers can delay an announcement if it’s about to disrupt an interesting part of gameplay or a conversation with their community. The feature comes after Twitch’s plunge last month on a proposed ad policy file that would have limited the types of branded content creators can include in their streams.

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