Home Entertainment Inside the elegant Parisian life of Lily Roker, as Al’s daughter gets involved in the world of French fashion and fashion

Inside the elegant Parisian life of Lily Roker, as Al’s daughter gets involved in the world of French fashion and fashion

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The rocker’s daughter, Leila, has lived the chic Parisian lifestyle since moving to the French capital after graduating from university.

Leila, 24, studied journalism at the American University of Paris and has since secured a job abroad that allows her to continue living in the City of Light.

Leila Roker has been living the chic Parisian lifestyle ever since she moved to the French capital after graduating from universitycredit: Instagram/cleilapatra
Laila is the daughter of Today Al Roker host and Good Morning America host Deborah Robertscredit: Instagram/cleilapatra

EMILIE IN REAL LIFE In Paris, the journalist sometimes posts photos on social networks that reveal her daily life since leaving university in 2021.

Paris in June

Last month, Lily took to Instagram to post a “dump” of her June photo that featured her latest adventure in Paris.

She started the post with a cute photo showing her on a boat with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Her form-fitting white dress showed off her cleavage as she leaned against the railing of a bridge as she cruised down the Seine.

The Today Show host’s daughter put her head to the side as she stared at the camera.

Leila held a mug in her hand, and a black bag slung over her shoulder.

Lily occasionally takes to Instagram to brag about her latest Parisian adventurescredit: Instagram/cleilapatra
She regularly posts pictures of her sumptuous meals on the social media platformcredit: Instagram/cleilapatra

The remaining photos included photos of the various meals she ate, the friends she hung out with, and the fancy restaurants she patronized.

A video even captured the beautiful view of the houses and buildings lining the bank of the Seine as they enjoyed a river cruise.

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And while all the photos and videos are interesting, the first one that got the most attention was in the comments section.

“Oh my God that first picture!” one person exclaimed.

Another added: “Awesome girl!”

Even Lily’s mom, journalist Deborah Roberts, 62, commented with three heart emojis.

Lunch with a friend

Later that month, Lily posted more photos from the City of Love with the caption, “Good lighting, good friends, good laughs, good food.”

The first shot showed the 24-year-old standing outside Les Turbines restaurant, wearing a brown mesh shirt.

A recent snap showed the 24-year-old posing outside Les Turbines restaurant while wearing a brown knit shirt.credit: Instagram/cleilapatra

Her hair fell from her shoulders and she rested her head on her hand, giving the camera or photographer a serious look.

Others put Lily in a more upbeat mood as she smiled and laughed with a friend over lunch.

In the comments section of the post, Al Roker, 68, wrote, “I see you,” to which Lily replied with a sunglasses emoji.

Another person commented, “Beauty!!”

A third fan said: “Great pictures of you enjoying France.”

Romantic Sunday

In April, Lily posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend and their dog on Instagram.

It read: “Happy Easter!” The press snap showed the young man smiling in the sun while wearing a black and red floral print dress.

Her boyfriend was wearing a black blazer, striped shirt, and jeans as he leaned in and hugged Leela.

In April, Lily posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend and their dog on Instagramcredit: Instagram/cleilapatra
Lily smiled in the sunlight while wearing a black and red dresscredit: Instagram/cleilapatra

I took another photo of an American standing on a cobblestone street near a traffic light.

Laila’s father, a meteorologist, commented on the post: “I love you all.”

“I love you more,” Lily replied, before her mother commented to the reporter, “Awesome Easter couple! Needs.”

Paris vacation

Around Christmas 2022, Lily shared a photo of herself standing in front of her apartment window.

Through his apartment window, we can see the Eiffel Tower lit up in the background.

Lily shared a photo of herself standing in front of her apartment window with the twinkling Eiffel Tower in the backgroundcredit: Instagram/cleilapatra

Lily wore a black sleeveless top with matching black leggings.

She was in her long dress, holding a glass of champagne in her hand as she stood by the Christmas tree.

One fan commented, “Amazing wallpaper!!!! Happy Birthday!! »

Another person wrote: “You are amazing.”

A third commented, “Happy Holidays.”

In the same year that Leila graduated from the American University of Paris, the reporter shared photos of her father and mother visiting her in Paris.

One of the photos showed the three having dinner in a restaurant in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Another joint photo showed Leila with her parents and Deborah having dinner at a restaurant in front of the Eiffel Tower.credit: Instagram/cleilapatra
Leila captioned the post: “Lots of company, food and great memories.”credit: Instagram/cleilapatra

Al wore his favorite suit and tie while Deborah wore a blue embellished dress.

Lilly remained casual in her own gown while the three smiled at the camera.

Another picture showed a family meal at a dinner party in Paris, while another captured Deborah cuddling with her daughter’s pet dog.

Leila captioned the post: “Lots of good company, food and memories.”

birthday girl

Deborah also opened up about her daughter last year on her birthday, sharing many sweet snaps of the night to celebrate the day.

Deborah hugged Lily as they sat side by side in the snap, which she shared on her Instagram Stories.

The Good Morning America host also shared photos of Lila as a baby and shared a lengthy caption in honor of her daughter’s birthday.

She wrote, “Thank you Thursday. On this day, 24 years ago, I learned what it means to have an enlarged heart and dance to new tunes of joy.

“Laila came into the world and opened up a whole new world for us. Happy birthday my dear daughter.

“We celebrate you and all your gifts of kindness, loyalty and love. I wish you on this day all the magic and beauty you give us all.”

Deborah and Al have two children together — Lila and Nicholas, 20.

grandfather the

Al also has a daughter with ex-wife Alice Bell — Courtney, 36 — who will soon appear on Today’s Weather Man.

Kourtney and husband Wes announced in March that they were expecting an engagement on Instagram.

Footage of the happy couple and ultrasound session is set to the Always Be My Baby remix by Mariah Carey.

Kourtney captioned the post, “A new adventure is about to begin.”

“We are excited to welcome a new member to our family and begin the next chapter of our lives,” she said. TODAY.com.

“We feel really lucky and excited about a little miracle.”

Her dad shared his excitement about becoming a grandfather in the comments on his post, revealing what he wants the baby to be like.

“Go Pop” wrote.

Lilly posted a photo of Deborah Roberts holding her dog while the reporter was visiting her daughtercredit: Instagram/cleilapatra
Lily, pictured here with her mom Deborah, dad, brother Nick, and older sister Courtney, studied journalism at the American University of Paris and graduated in 2021.credit: Instagram/cleilapatra

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