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Camp Lookinback shows life in the 19th century in the historic French House

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Kids enrolled at Camp Lookinback this summer at the John Jay French House Museum got their first taste of life on a 19th-century Tuesday—a time when candles were the only source of light when night fell, and horses were the quickest, fastest mode of transportation. Children often make their own toys from the simplest materials.

The four-day camp began with a visit to the historic French House, built in 1845; a visit with the Stable-Spirit Horses, the City of Roses’ equine therapy program; Making dolls from yarn.

Even the day’s snack was activity-themed—graham cracker squares, sundae, and sprinkles, which campers could decorate to look like a quilt found in the bedrooms of a French home.

The camp is open to children between the ages of 6 and 11 and there are 45 of them each year. Of this number, five sites were available to families who need help paying registration fees thanks to a grant program in partnership with the Association of Young Entrepreneurs.

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“Our goal is to open up more scholarship opportunities in the future,” said Deputy Principal Carly Stansbury.

They also rotate camp programming every three years, so kids returning to camp can enjoy a new experience.

In the past, they offered activities about metalworking, old housework, games, and how to fire a cannon. Local entrepreneurs and community members like Melanie Carr, who taught campers how to make simple yarn dolls on Tuesdays, volunteer their time and expertise to help facilitate the programs.

This year’s programming will include a session on bees, owls and food web ecosystems, an insect safari, art on paper, an open fire cookout and Christmas in July, with appropriate snacks like biscuits and honey or s’mores. activities.

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