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Rangers signed Andre Miller

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The New York Rangers have been busy before, bringing in veteran talent like Blake WheelerAnd Jonathan fastAnd Nick Bonino However, among other things, they still had important contracts to sign. The two cannons Miller candy before Alexis Lafreniere Their contract has expired for the 2023-24 NHL season, but the Rangers now handle half of that roster.

the team announce Through a press release, Miller signed a two-year, $7.74 million contract, which guarantees him fixed assets of $3.872 million. Seems like a fair deal for both sides, given the defending Colorado Avalanche Bowen ByramA similar bridge deal occurred last week.

In his first full season in New York, Miller became the positive force behind the team. Miller played in all 82 games in the 2021-22 season, scoring seven goals and 13 assists, playing just over 20 minutes a night. Miller also has a physical edge in his game, as he gave the team 151 hits that same year. To add, Miller was one of the few advocates with more takeaways than gifts, and he produced an oiSV% of 92.4%.

Over the past year, Miller’s offensive ability has become a more important factor in his game, as he has received more playing time, and Miller has doubled his offensive production from the previous season, tallying nine goals and 34 assists in 79 games. His base defensive metrics have seen a slight decrease but are still positive nonetheless.

While Miller signing an affordable bridge deal is great news for the Rangers, this deal also comes with negative externalities. Before the contract was officially added to their ledger, New York had approximately $6.18 million in cap space. Now that Miller has signed with AAV for $3.872 million, that leaves room for just under $2.4 million to sign Lafrenière. Fortunately for the Rangers, Lafrenière doesn’t have arbitration rights yet, so the team will still have some control over their next trade.

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