Home sport The Blue Jays’ Vladdy joins his father as the first-ever Father-Son Home Run Derby winner

The Blue Jays’ Vladdy joins his father as the first-ever Father-Son Home Run Derby winner

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Seattle – Of course, the rookie had to do something special in Seattle.

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. won the All-Star Home Run Derby Monday night, tying the 2007 Vladimir Sr. title and becoming the first father-son duo to accomplish the feat.

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As for who can win the one-on-one swing match, it depends.

“It’s a little tricky right now,” said the Toronto Blue Jays. said the star with a wide smile, speaking through a translator. “With the passage of time and over the minutes, I will win. If it is by the opponents, then he will win.”

On the pitch made famous by Ken Griffey Jr. of the Mariners a generation ago, Guerrero beat Tampa Bay’s Randy Arzarina 25-23 in the final round. He was 8 years old when his father won the crown in San Francisco.

Vladimir Jr. said: “I don’t remember much of the events of 2007, I think I was very young. »

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Guerrero totaled 5 1/2 miles crawling—29,390 feet to be exact. He beat Julio Rodriguez 21-20 in the semi-finals after the Mariners star recorded 41 first-round wins in front of his hometown crowd.

Fight blue Jays Guerrero’s head coach John Schneider was the final swing semifinalist and first runner-up, finally hitting a home run to surpass the mark set by Pete Alonso when he beat Guerrero 23-22 in 2019.

With Guerrero Jr. arrested. For a break from watching, Arozarena hit against Tampa Bay field coordinator Thomas Francisco. Arozarena had 21 mates in the first two minutes. He had 23 with 7 seconds remaining in the 30-second automatic bonus time before lining up and appearing on his final four shots.

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Guerrero had one minute of overtime, getting an additional 30 seconds because he reached 440 feet twice.

“The strength he had was obviously unbelievable,” Arosarina said through an interpreter. “For me, it was good to have that race. But he also managed to get a minute of overtime. I only had 30 seconds of overtime.”

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Vladimir Guerrero Sr. won the 2007 Derby while with the Los Angeles Angels, beating Blue JaysAlex Rios 3-2 in the final.

Arozarena had the most home runs over the three innings, 82 to Guerrero’s 72, and the most home runs at 33,077 feet. Arosarina defeated Louis Robert of the Chicago White Sox 35-22 in the semifinals. Robert hit the longest drive of the night, a 484-foot left putt in the second round. This summit was capped at 476 feet by Barry Bonds in the 2001 Seattle Derby.

Attempting to become the youngest Derby winner at 22, Rodriguez knocked out Alonso, a two-time champion who turned 21. Rodriguez beat Corey Seager 32-24 in the first round last year at Dodger Stadium, then knocked out Alonso 31-23 before that. He lost to Juan Soto 19-18 in the final.

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Arozarena beat Adolis Garcia’s Texas 24-17 in their home opener in front of a crowd of 46,952 at T-Mobile Park. García is godfather to Arosarina’s daughter, and the two hugged each other during the warm-up.

Robert knocked out Baltimore’s Adley Rushman 28-27 in the first round. Rutschman hit 21 left, then the key hitter turned right and hit another six right in a 30-second overrun. Roachman grew up in Portland, Oregon, and attended Mariners games.

Guerrero, returning for the first time in four years, defeated Los Angeles Dodgers Mookie Betts 26-11 in the first round. Four years earlier in Cleveland, Guerrero scored 29 in the first round and 40 in the second, then lost to Alonso in the finals.

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Alonso was trying to win his third title in four years. Griffey Jr. He is the only three-time winner, having won the title in 1994, 98 and 99.

Guerrero Sr. was a nine-time All-Star but never won a World Series. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

Guerrero Jr. is a three-time All-Star and was the MVP of the game two years ago in Denver. What’s in the future? World championship ring? Joining dad in the lobby?

“I’m too young to think about it now,” he said. “When I get there, I will think about it and see if I am a match for my father or if I am better than my father.”

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