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Victor Wimpanyama plans to ‘disappear from the media’ for remainder of NBA offseason after Britney Spears incident

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“I’m glad it’s over… I just want to make the ball,” said the San Antonio Spurs rookie.

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Victor Wimpanyama plans to ‘disappear from the media’ ahead of first NBA season after Britney Spears incident

Victor Wimpanyama, the first overall pick in the 2023 NBA draft, has decided to take a step back after his controversial encounter with the pop star. Britney Spears in Las Vegas last week.

After a busy month that began with the 19-year-old Frenchman’s demotion from the San Antonio Spurs in late June and his NBA debut in summer league games over the weekend, Wimpanyama told reporters Monday that he wanted to focus. In his football career, he avoided any media distraction.

“Last month, I think basketball wasn’t even 50% of my schedule. I can’t stand it. I know this is a special time in my life, but I’m glad it’s over… I just want to hoop,” Wimpanyama said. by Tomer AzzarliAs mentioned earlier Sports Illustrated.

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Victor Wimpanyama #1 of the San Antonio Spurs prepares to shoot a free throw during the 2023 Las Vegas Summer League July 9, 2023

Like the people I mentioned earlier, no one will be held responsible for the crash between Britney Spears, 41, and a member of the San Antonio Spurs safety team after the pop star said she was slapped by the Wimpanyama team. The video shows support for her claim that she clicked Player Not Caught.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told PEOPLE in a statement that the organization has “completed its investigation into the alleged battery” and that “no charges will be filed against the individual involved.”

TMZ then shared a video of the encounter, which shows Spears yelling “Sir!” as she runs after Wembanyama as the group makes their way to Hotel ARIA’s Catch restaurant. As the singer attempts to tag the basketball player on the back, a security guard’s arm swings between Wimpanyama and Spears and a slapping is heard, though it is unclear from the video which party made the contact.Spears’ glasses are then seen falling off her face.

About: Britney Spears Discusses Fighting Victor Wimbanyama, Says His Safety & # 39; back in my face & # 39;

A redacted police report obtained by PEOPLE claims that after a CCTV review, a Wembanyama security guard “grabbed her left hand to pull Britney’s hand away from the person.” [He] She used enough force to push Britney’s hand so far that her hand hit her face, knocking off her sunglasses. »

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After the incident, the French NBA star spoke out position in front of journalists.

“I saw the news clearly,” he said in a video posted to Twitter by KENS reporter Nate Ryan. “I was woken up by two phone calls. Something happened a little bit when I was walking with some security team to a restaurant. We were in a room and there were a lot of people there, obviously people were calling me.”

About: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline report that the singer’s appeal uses Meth & # 39; error & # 39; and & # 39; disgusting & # 39;

The Tottenham player recalled hearing “someone” call him by his name several times but did not stop after security announced that there was a large crowd.

Upon his return to the hotel, he deemed the incident “non-serious”. When security told him it was Spears, he said, “At first I was like, ‘No, you’re kidding.'” But yeah, it turns out to be Britney Spears. »

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