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Catch these Lightning deals in the final hours of Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 is coming to an end, to the disappointment of some and the relief of others. But CEO Jeffrey Bezos doesn’t go out quietly on this good night. This is the latest wave of Lightning deals to catch our attention.

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Image: Amazon

TMY Mini Portable Movie Projector for $66 ($15 off)

I have a previous version of this monitor. While this one promises a 9,500 lumen upgrade up to 100 inches, we have other picks that will perform much better. But for $65, it’s a worthy way to enjoy a backyard movie several times a year without having to maintain another screen. Think of it as a backup or backup for your backup.

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Amazon rechargeable AA batteries for $13 ($10 off)

You need batteries – if not today, then tomorrow or the day after. Amazon Basics batteries are basically just a battery at the moment. When you’re ready to step up your game, check out our guide to the best portable chargers.

Image: Apple

Apple Watch Series 8 for $310 ($49 off)

We whipped this one around because it’s our favorite Apple Watch for most people, and at $310, it’s over $100 off. Want to know your resting heart rate while sitting in a chair to deal with a stressful situation? This watch will tell you! If you’re going to be pinched for a really long time, go for the Ultra for better battery life. My Ultra can last 20 hours!

Amazon Basics 2-Ply Paper Towels for $14 ($9 off)

This is a recommendation from my brother in law who got this deal yesterday, and he provided helpful feedback on WIRED throughout the off day. As he points out, you will need paper towels, so you can also buy them cheap on Amazon.

Picture: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra for $650 ($550)

It’s last year’s model, but we liked it when it was released last year, with reviews editor Julien Choccato (9/10, WIRED recommends). It’s solid and versatile, although a little big. Now more than half.

AirPods (2nd Gen) for $90 ($15 off)

Apple AirPods are basically disposable, which is clearly a bad thing. However, it’s less of a big deal when you can get them for $90.

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