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Michael Chandler Hails Aleksander Volkanovski as “The Most Special Man in the Entire World”

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Aleksandr Volkanovsky is as good as these MMA things.

There have been few opponents who have been able to find success against the UFC Featherweight Champion. Even in such instances, Volkanovski has only been defeated once in his last 24 matches.

“The Great” is back in the winning column with another stellar defense at 145 pounds against Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290 this past weekend. A third round knockout of Volkanovski and a pound by TKO of the Mexican interim roster marked the fifth time he had succeeded in assuming the throne. Once again, Volkanovsky showed overall harmony with excellent grades, earning much praise from his peers. For lightweight contender Michael Chandler, Iron believes there is no better fighter than the top featherweight at the moment.

“Is Alexander Volkanovski unbeatable?” Chandler asked his YouTube channel. “Alexander the Great” is just that. I broke it down into three reasons why I think Alexander Volkanovski is the most unique—not just the unbeatable hero, but the most unique man in the entire world. There’s a reason it’s number one.

“I’ve divided it into three categories. Perfectionism, heart and composure. He’s the most complete fighter we have on the UFC roster. The most complete fighter in the whole world. The ability to stay home and be two to three to four steps ahead of opponents in all combat situations. Zone even with its dominance.”

Priced at 145 Volkanovsky pounds literally He was unbeatable (16-0, 26-2 overall). However, his perfect run in the UFC came to an end this past February as he aimed for a dual division title by moving up to lightweight.

Volkanovski challenged new champion Islam Makhachev during his re-election campaign in Volkanovski’s home country of Australia. The pair of pound-for-pound greats had an epic battle that won’t soon be forgotten. In the end, Makhachev had the last laugh, winning his first title defense via a closely contested unanimous decision. The fight was so good and Volkanovsky did so well that many thought he deserved the nod or performed well enough to remain the best in the world above Makhachev. Despite the change in weight, Volkanovski’s overall game remained the same in the first place, which Chandler credits.

“He’s not trying to get out of what he’s doing,” Chandler said. “Hard punches, base punches, base punches. Both hands and feet. He even throws elbows and knees when he wants. In a cage showdown, he takes turns fighting, attacking and defending. There’s no featherweight alive that he can’t knock out.”

“As we’ve seen, there may not be a lightweight in the world that he can’t finish since he defeated Islam Makhachev in their fight. Which was a tense fight. I know he wants this fight and in my honest opinion he could be the guy who can get that title.

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