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Price leaks point to a small bump on the Galaxy Z Flip5 and a noticeable bump on the Z Fold5

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Samsung unboxed the next-gen foldable Galaxy just a few weeks ago, but there’s been no shortage of leaks. Even Samsung is impatient and is now taking advance reservations. We previously summarized the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 leaks if you need an update. The one thing that has mostly remained a mystery is the price.

Now French publication DeLabs He participated in a domestic price leak of the two folds. As of the Galaxy Z Flip5, there’s no mention of a 128GB model – either those details haven’t leaked or Samsung will move the base to 256GB. For the 256GB model, it faces a modest €30 price hike and will cost €1,200, while the 512GB will cost upwards of €50. That’s not as bad as the previous leak, which priced the 128GB model at €1,300.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 difference
128 GB 1110 euros ? ?
256 GB 1170 euro 1200€ + 30€
512 GB 1290 euros 1340 euros + 50 euro

The face will be available in four colors: graphite, cream, lavender and aqua green. There should be a few, and the company usually keeps some skins exclusive to Samsung.com. The Z Flip5 will likely also be part of the Bespoke program.

Moving on to the Galaxy Z Fold5, this device will see an even bigger price increase. The base model with 256GB of storage will go up by €100, and the 512GB and 1TB models by €120.

That means locals will have to shell out €1,900 for the low end. Well, not really – Samsung’s introductory deals and trade-in offers will drive down the actual price. However, if you were hoping for foldable tech to get cheaper, that’s not happening with this generation.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5
256 GB 1800€ 1900 euros + 100 euros
512 GB €1,920 €2,040 + 120 euro
1 terabyte 2160 euros 2280€ + 120 euros

The Z Fold5 will be available in three colors, Black, Cream and Blue, as well as previously unknown exclusives on Samsung.com.

Note that these prices are for France, other European countries will see slightly different prices due to differences in VAT. Here are the Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 launch prices for the US and UK, as well as their prices for India.

A quick calculation based on these old prices and the relative increase in new prices, the Galaxy Z Flip5 (256GB) should be $1,025 / £1,025 / 97,500, and the Galaxy Z Fold5 (256GB) should be of $1,900 / GBP 1,740 / INR 164,000 in these areas.

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