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Family drama hits two suicide bombers for the second time

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For the second time in less than two weeks, tragedy has struck a member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Quarterback Drew Brown returned to practices Wednesday after missing several days, including last weekend’s home game against Calgary, due to the unexpected death of his father in Northern California.

“We didn’t expect this,” Brown said. “It was surprising. Being there for my family was really important to me. We are all strong. By being together, we all found peace in the situation.”

The 26-year-old credits his father for getting him into professional football, saying he pushed him “but not in that arrogant way you might picture in your head”.

“Keep her distance,” Brown said. “But he played at a high level and he knew what it took… He learned that standard from an early age. And he loved his family, and he wasn’t afraid to say it.”

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Dave Brown played quarterback in junior college, then became a linebacker at Washington State University.

The lessons his son taught were many, but Drew remembers an example from his father that kept him on the right track.

In his first season away from home at the University of Hawaii, Brown called home after a particularly poor game: He threw three interceptions, two of which he returned the other way for a touchdown, and the fans cheered him on.

Ready to throw in the towel, the kid faced reality.

“You can go home and work at UPS,” Brown recalls, remembering his father. “So it gave me some perspective that I should be grateful I played this game. Everybody complains. But s—, man, it’s football. You get paid to play football. It’s the best job in the world.”

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Brown says he and his father, who was still in his late 50s, had become good friends over the past few years.

The return to Winnipeg was facilitated by her two sisters, one of whom had come from Australia and returned to support her mother.

Brown tried to see the bright side: the relationship he would always remember.

He said: He lost his father when he was ten years old. “I feel really lucky to have hosted him for 26 years and a few changes.”

The sad news comes after linebacker Adam Bighill lost his father, also unexpectedly.

“It’s not easy,” said Mike O’Shea, head coach of the national team. “It’s good that they have teammates. That’s why they are here.”

Artist at work

So what does Greg McRae do to show off?

The 25-year-old all-around come off a game in which he gained 68 yards and returned a miss 102 yards to set up a late field goal in the 24-11 win over Calgary.

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He also ran the ball three times.

The second-year bomber says he doesn’t really have a favorite site. Each requires its own unique touch.

“I love the ball,” McCrae said. “Wherever it is. I like to get my nose dirty and shut it up sometimes. I like to hold it. Everything has its own kind of art. So being able to be a part of all these different kinds of art is just so cool, so amazing.”

Makes you wonder what McCrae is called when people ask what position he plays.

“I just call myself a soccer player,” he said. “I’ve met a lot of coaches, I’ve been cast in a lot of movies and I’m trying to make sure I’m ready for whatever comes next.”

McCrae’s big kick return came when he replaced an injured Janyon Grant.

“Like a chameleon,” O’Shea yelled at him. “Whatever you want him to do, I’m sure we can ask him to do it.” »

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One thing McCrae has been doing for the past few days is trying to live by getting caught by fiancé D (Julian Hoosier) in his big comeback.

“They wouldn’t let me live like this,” McCrae said. “And frankly, I’m not. I want a little. I work hard, I put myself in order… I should be able to finish this.”

Editor recommended

“coin” magnet

Call it a ball hawk or a rotating magnet.

Don’t call him late in the room.

Demerio Houston’s first five games of the season couldn’t be more productive.

“Yeah, I see that. Three interceptions and three fumble recoveries,” Houston said. “I just use the practice and go to the game. Because we work to get the ball rolling, and we get some change. When the ball is in the air or on the ground, go get it. »

changes? At this rate, Houston will fill its original bank by Labor Day.

“In soccer, it’s rewarded if you play soccer,” O’Shea said of the third-year defender. “He treats a lot because he plays football more often than other players.”

Engaging in transitions seems like a talent to some.

Coach said never if you’re lazy.


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