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Disadvantage of Carlson’s trade Alex Galchenok’s arrest

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This is the 14th day since Erik Karlsson was traded to the NHL to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Kyle Dupas, the Penguins’ president of hockey operations, lobbied hard on July 1 to complete the deal, but two weeks later, the hockey world is wondering when any of the many teams involved in the showdown will move. Dave Molinari took a closer look at the downsides of the Penguins’ upcoming Ek65 contract. Always in daily life, Tristan Jarry spoke to the media. Cap hell in Toronto may cost at least one player, if not two. Alex Galchenuk was arrested in Arizona, resulting in the termination of his contract.

Greetings from my favorite little hotel nestled in the shadow of the Grand Canyon PA in quaint Wellsboro, PA. Whenever I need to scream into the infinite abyss (not scream into it), this is my favorite motorcycle ride. Ben Wells is just happy to imagine the 1920s socialites arriving in this small town by train and snuggling up in front of the massive fireplace at this Victorian hotel. Some people spend a lot of money on vacation. I spent $200 in two nights and am very pleased with breakfast in the ballroom and eating a roast beef sandwich topped with gravy and mashed potatoes for lunch at a bistro in a vineyard across the street.

Near Warren, Pennsylvania, turn left onto Kenzo Dam on Route 59 and enjoy. I hadn’t decided whether to go kayaking this afternoon or head to the Finger Lakes wineries. But I’ll put my laptop in my LA Kings backpack (hey, it was free) and be ready to write.

Pittsburgh Penguins/Steelers, Pirates:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Tristan Jarry spoke to the media on Thursday, and I’m surprised not to see more reaction. or doubt. Here’s the full story, “I’m 100% healthy,” said the Penguins goaltender.

Dave Molinari also took a bite of Eric Carlson’s apple. There is a real downside to the penguin trade.

Steelers Now.com:

After Quinn Williams’ new contract, the Steelers seem to have stolen Cam Hayward from her.

Some really good pre-camp analysis here – Kenny Pickett’s best and worst traits.

Pittsburgh baseball now:

John Perotto distributes awards for the first semester. Shall we call them JP? Here’s Gene Pirates from Pittsburgh Price.

There are some advantages to Double-A Altoona. Recent hacker prospects is watching.

NHL Trade Talk, news and national hockey now:

Philly Hockey Now: Daniel Brier discusses Matvey Michkov and schedules at Philadelphia Flyers reenactment.

TSN: Patrick Kane, who had hip surgery on June 1, won’t sign until the 2023-24 NHL season, according to his agent Pat Bryson.

Also from our neighbors to the north, Matt Dumba took a step back and didn’t become the player everyone expected of him. Now he feels the contractual pressure.

Sportsnet: Uncertainty. Auston Matthews and Michael Nylander need new contracts before next summer. It will be a lot of money. Mitch Marner opened up about uncertainty.

ABC15: Alex Galchenyuk was arrested on several charges, including a hit and run on private property, the Coyotes reversing his new contract.

New Jersey hockey now: Young Blues players could earn points next season, but coach Lindy Ruff could have trouble with two key players in the lineup at the same time. Can’t you get too small too fast? New Jersey Devils concern.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Milan Lucic is back in Boston and admits he could tear up during the Boston Bruins’ opener.

Who said you can never go home again?

NHL.com: The Islanders want Zack Parise back.

I’m not sure I have the words — remember six-year-old Ben Stelter, the Oilers super fan who passed away last August? Now Ben’s father also has cancer.

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