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Diablo 4 Season 1 “Early” Launch This Week Public Service Announcement

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While at this point Blizzard has largely announced that Diablo 4 Season 1, Season of the Malignant, begins on July 20, there is a small caveat as to what people might not know.

In order to prepare for the season of the season itself patch It will be released two days earlier, on Tuesday July 18 instead. While it’s true that the season itself hasn’t started, you can’t create a seasonal character or start a new seasonal story or mechanic, it’s an “early launch” of at least some important things before the season itself.

On July 18, the sprawling tightrope walker act, the largest since the game’s launch, will be on display before the start of the season. Patch notes will be out and we’ll see which unique classes, aspects, and forms get buffed or boosted, and then see how they all feel in practice. Everyone expects some of the more powerful versions of the game to be nerfed to some degree, which is probably for you It’s building, but there should also be some significant upgrades, and you can either try if you can switch builds without too much trouble, or it might change your view of which season character to start with.

there is more. This will also indicate the release of the new legendary game and unique aspects. These will start spawning directly in the Eternal World before the season, so you can farm them on your existing characters and possibly modify or upgrade your existing builds as new events occur. Obviously, you will always have to deal with the greatest variety of looks and shapes, but the opportunity to plant them will be there a few days before the season. Each new season will add new and unique aspects that will drop in both Eternal and Seasonal Realms.

Finally, after this patch goes live, even if you don’t feel like farming, you’ll at least want to log into your character with the most progress for things like clearing fog from the map, killing Lilith, and Notoriety. The new system in place means that the game will report this progress from that character and pass it on to all alternates as well as your next Season Character, so they don’t have to start completely from scratch. You Can Do this after the season launches, but you can also start with this, as it can be done when the patch is over.

Of course, you can also work on other things, more fog and altar cleaning. Complete the campaign so your season characters can skip it and farm malevolent hearts faster (campaign completion is a season requirement). But yes, a number of components come into play before the season begins, such as balance updates and new loot. So don’t hesitate to intervene a little earlier from Tuesday.

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