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Naver Webtoon has become the number one webtoon platform in France

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South Korean company Naver Webtoon has established itself as the best webtoon platform in France.

Naver Webtoon on Monday announced its participation in the Amazing Festival, an international pop culture festival taking place in Paris, France, from July 13-16, as France’s leading online platform.

The Amazing Festival is an event showcasing popular culture that attracts attention from various countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Naver Webtoon has opened a special booth for this event among webtoon platforms around the world. The company has prepared a variety of events and entertainment experiences using IP webtoons from Korea and France.

A notable attraction was the Tearing Poster, where visitors could take home large posters featuring Webtoon artwork. The Toon Filter experiment, which used deep learning technology to turn anyone into a webtoon character in real time, also drew attention.

Naver Webtoon has been operating the French Webtoon service application since December 2019. Last month, this application had the highest sales and number of monthly active users (MAUs) among Webtoon applications in France. Naver Webtoon has produced over 70 webtoons original in France.

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