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Waiver eligibility for scheduled waiting lists, Dach

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Habs News

  • While we discuss the benefits of having several Montreal Canadiens players on the roster, we should keep in mind that some players will have to go through waivers if they are assigned to the AHL, while others will not. In total, the 20 players who have signed contracts for the next season will be exempt from having to submit to the exceptions. [How Waiver Eligibility Will Impact Canadiens Projected Lineups]
  • Habs Chief Kirby Dach is busy enjoying the sun and lakeside life. Some of the best responses to the pleasures of summer include “Dac Sur Le Lac” and the suggestion that he’s only one space away from being cast as Poseidon. Either way, he got his leave.[R/Habs]

National Hockey Network Now

  • Former Boston Bruins coach and Stanley Cup runner Bruce Cassidy in Milton, Massachusetts, then Cape Cod was on Thursday for Cassidy’s day with the treasured trophy. [Boston Bruins]
  • Tristan Garry has been the starting point guard for the Pittsburgh Penguins for the past few years, but this season he’s begun to grapple with some major — and potentially career-changing — questions. [Pittsburgh Penguins]
  • Newcomers to the Red Wings could choose almost any NHL team and their choice was the Detroit Red Wings. Why? [Detroit Red Wings]
  • Take a look at six potential deals to be found among National Hockey League players that are still available in free agency. [Colorado Avalanche]
  • The Philadelphia Flyers were without a captain last season and still don’t have one. Last season, coach John Tortorella said he would not appoint a captain this season. [Philadelphia Flyers]
  • General Manager Kelly McCrimmon has a solid core for the 2026-27 season to fight for more Stanley Cup potential in Vegas. [Vegas Golden Knights]

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