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Data shows that the 2023 Calgary Stampede ranks second in terms of attendance

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Attendance figures were announced at the largest outdoor show of the year on Earth, making the event the second-largest stampede in Calgary history.

According to officials, 1,384,632 people attended this year.

The average daily attendance at the ground was 125,050 people.

This is just below the attendance record of over 1.4 million visitors, which was set in 2012.

“That’s not what really matters. What matters is the quality of what we’ve done, the quality of the experience we’ve delivered this year,” said Joel Cowley, CEO of the Calgary Stampede.

However, many other records have been broken, from attendance on opening day to the Guinness World Records for most pies served in eight hours.

Rushing to safety is also something to celebrate.

sip. Joe Brar of the Calgary Police Department says there were only a few minor incidents during the 10-day event.

“I know there’s a lot of concern about public safety and public spaces and public transportation and things like that, and we didn’t want that fear to come at the expense of people being able to enjoy their first full stampede since the pandemic,” he said. He said.


A new name appeared on the podium at the final night of the chariot race at the Calgary Stampede.

World Pro Chuckwagons officials said Layne MacGillivray, who rode to the Spray Lakes Sawmills outfit, along with riders Brendan Nolin and Trey MacGillivray, won the championship final.

He beat Kurt Bensmiller by 34 one-hundredths of a second.

His first win as a driver was in the Cowboys Rangland Derby at the Calgary Stampede, having previously won twice as a freshman.

Officials say he also received the Jay Weddick Award early in the evening, a tribute to a competitor who “best represents what the Cowboys stand for and embodies the spirit of the Calgary Stampede.”

economic impact

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce expects the economic impact of this stampede to extend beyond 2019, when the event generated an estimated $282 million.

“Bird’s bikes that everyone was riding, the fact that all the hotels were full, they were full, you couldn’t find lodging, restaurants and Airbnb were full too,” Deborah Yedlin told The Room. President and CEO.

About 30% of the visitors came from out of town—a good sign of what’s to come, says Jeff Hessel, senior vice president of marketing for Tourism Calgary.

“We hope this translates to high numbers at all events that take place throughout the summer as well as in the fall and winter,” he said.

projects for 2024

Stampede officials say they put a lot of thought into planning this year’s event, ensuring that key attractions are located near every C-Train entrance and stop.

They say it worked well and plan to move it forward next year.

They say the BMO center expansion will be complete by this time next year, which will give them more indoor space to work in.

The Sam Center will also open next year.

This is an interactive stampede experience that celebrates not only the history of the Calgary Stampede, but also the importance of Western heritage and agriculture.

Officials hope the draw will be big, too.

Stampede 2024 is scheduled to run from July 5-14.

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