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Google’s new Space Invaders AR game will let you take down virtual aliens

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  • Google and Japanese game developer Taito have released a new game, Space Invaders Augmented Reality.
  • It allows players to blast aliens into the real world around them.
  • The game is now available for download on ARCore supported Android devices and will soon be available on iOS as well.

Google and Taito have released a new augmented reality game that lets you eliminate virtual aliens from the real world around you using your phone. Called Space Invaders: World Defense, the game was created in honor of the 45th anniversary of the original Space Invaders video game.

In the new World Defense game, Space Invaders will spawn from buildings and rooftops, hide behind structures, and hover in the sky. So, instead of Pokemon, you’ll be looking for aliens. Google blog post Players say they can discover new Space Invaders in and around different neighborhoods. Players can also unlock special powers, team up with other players, and share their achievements on social media using an augmented reality selfie.

The game uses Google’s ARCore technology, which means you’ll need an ARCore-enabled device to run it. It also uses the company’s geospatial API to integrate players’ immediate surroundings, nearby buildings, landscapes, and other architectural elements into the game.

You can download Space Invaders: World Defense on Android right now. The iOS release will take place on July 18 at midnight in your local time.

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