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It’s time for Microsoft to bring online multiplayer to all pass levels of the game

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When I heard that Xbox Live Gold was dying on Monday, my first thought was “Finally.” The concept seemed dated at this point, and it made sense for Microsoft to bundle everything under the Game Pass label.

However, it soon became clear that Microsoft was No Nothing has changed about the online access part of Gold going to “Core”, nor has Console Game Pass been updated.

The problem with Xbox Live Gold has always been that you buy it primarily so you can play Xbox games online on your console, but if you want Game Pass you have to upgrade to Ultimate for a higher price to get them all. two.

But now that the naming has changed, it’s become more confusing and makes less sense, and it’s time Microsoft really let go of that separation. With Xbox Live Gold’s Game Pass “Core” conversion, this now means:

  • Xbox Game Pass Core ($10 per month) – Has online multiplayer access, 25 games to choose from
  • Xbox Game Pass Controller ($11) – Do No You have online multiplayer and all Game Pass games on console
  • Xbox PC Game Pass ($10) – Has online multiplayer (because you didn’t need Gold for PC), all Game Pass games on PC
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($17) – Has online multiplayer, all Game Pass games on console, PC, and cloud, and an EA Play membership

You can see the weird guy here, Game Pass Console, the only list that still can’t play online after all this time. But if you Just Buying Core (formerly Gold) gets you online multiplayer, but not the full Game Pass. The only way to get both is to buy Ultimate, which may come with extra stuff you don’t care about like PC, cloud, and EA Play.

While that’s always been an issue with Gold’s presence, it’s even more pronounced now that they’re all under one Game Pass banner. Looks like Core probably shouldn’t exist at all, and the internet has just been brought into the console, with Ultimate still attractive with other goodies if people want it. Otherwise, these tiers seem irrelevant with the strict goal of getting as many people into Ultimate as possible, since buying the Core and console separately doesn’t make sense (although a year of Core can be had for the half the price, $60 total, which would make the price basically the same).

Microsoft prides itself on being good value for consumers, even if that comes at a potential cost to itself with lost sales on Game Pass titles. But the way the Core/Console/Ultimate system is laid out isn’t pro-consumer at all, and doesn’t make much sense in the “of course, your console must enter the era of online gaming multiplayer”. I have lived for almost two decades. They are triple, where players pay their ISP to connect first, then you pay Microsoft to access online multiplayer through Xbox, then you pay Microsoft again for Game Pass, which has become the cornerstone of the system. full. It’s a relic of the past and it’s time to let it die, even if it hurts a little.

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