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Blue Jays select Jordan LeBlo

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The Blue Jays announced that they had chosen to sign the outfielder Jordan Lublo. On opposite shots, a defensive player Nathan Locke He was selected for Triple-A despite being left-handed Adam Semper He was transferred to the 60-day casualty list.

Loblaw, 29, came to the Jays in April when they waived off waivers from Atlanta. He made seven trips to the plate in four games for the Jays before being named to Buffalo’s 40-man roster. He has played 208 matches for the Bison this year and has reached 0.239 / 0.341 / 0.438 in the World Rally Championship +93.

He was sometimes instrumental in a platoon role, which seems to have been the case this year. The right hitter cuts .254/.354/.552 versus the lefty but .218/.327/.331 the rest of the time. During his major league career, he hit .222/.333/.498 with the peloton advantage but .200/.290/.355 without, resulting in a WRC+ of 122 for the former and 77 for the latter. The Jays have a few left fielders Dalton Farshaw And Kevin Kiermayer next to Brandon belt In this particular hitting situation, maybe the Luplow Jays will help protect this left group a bit.

The Jays will likely want to give him a few weeks to see if he can work in that role before the trade deadline. The club hasn’t fared particularly well against the Southpaws this year, with its collegiate hitting streak of .262/.329/.379 translating to WRC+98. The club was recently linked with a free agent Nelson Cruz General Manager Ross Atkins said today that the club could benefit from the addition of a “really accomplished right-handed hitter,” Ben Nicholson Smith from Sportsnet.

As for Semper, he has been on the injured list since June 16 due to a shoulder collision. As of last week, it still hasn’t launched, at Kaitlin McGrath from The Athletic. It appears the club were not optimistic about his return next month as he will now be officially ineligible to return until mid-August.

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