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Ontario restaurants can serve alcoholic beverages at 7am during the FIFA World Cup

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Ontario residents will be able to enjoy a beer or cocktail as early as 7am during this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Ontario Alcohol and Games Commission (AGCO) has extended sales and service hours for the duration of the tournament, which runs from July 20 to August 20. Matches take place in Australia and New Zealand, which means there is a significant time lag for fans hoping to catch their favorite team.

During the month-long tournament, bars and restaurants across the county are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages from 7am. Usually, it is forbidden to serve alcohol before at least 9 am.

The last call will remain the same, set at 2 am.

“The extension of hours for this period is intended to allow service that overlaps certain FIFA Women’s World Cup events which will be televised in Ontario in the early morning due to the time difference,” AGCO wrote on their website. website.

“The Registrar recognizes that the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is an event of international importance to many communities in Ontario and is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. In Ontario in particular, the tournament attracts a large and enthusiastic audience within the multicultural communities of the province.”

The extension does not apply to outdoor patios and it is up to each authorized individual if they choose to participate. No additional app or license required.

Municipalities also have the ability to opt out of extended consumption hours. AGCO will publish a list of non-participating municipalities on its website.

Last year, the Ontario Crown agency allowed alcohol sales to be extended during the soccer World Cup.

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