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I like to think of myself as a very efficient person. I wash my dishes before heaps form, I try to optimize my way to get errands out of the house, and my inbox is (mostly) at zero. My brain is wired in a very satisfying way nintendoIt is often overlooked pikmine A series of action and strategy games where you organize and manage dozens of tiny plant creatures to eliminate insects and collect giant treasures in the fastest way possible.

Pikmin 4 It was fashioned as a complete overhaul of the series’ concepts in an expanded format, seemingly bringing the game’s myriad ideas and mechanics to a completely unfamiliar player in a better and more progressive way. But although the preparation process is long, constrained and slow, Pikmin 4 It finally unfolds to reveal an incredibly rich and charming game, filled with a dazzling array of intricate and immersive challenges to satisfy the perfectionist tendencies within you.

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Real-world inspired environments pikmine It never looked bigger for your little space person and his friends on Pikmin. As part of a crew tasked with rescuing original series hero Captain Olimar, your character encounters the titular plant creature for the first time. They ask for the Pikmin’s help not only to find Olimar, but also to discover and rescue dozens and dozens of their kind who are stranded on (what we assume) Earth.

There are many areas to explore, such as a garden, a human home, a beach, and more, as huge and intricate mazes fly over your crew in honey i shrunk the kids fashion. Pikmin 4 The more dynamic camera primarily favors framing the action downwards, making environments more complex and making the game feel more action/adventure than strategy – although the series’ traditional top-down perspective is still present. Each stage requires ingenuity and good management on the part of the Pikmin to enter every nook and cranny, and multiple visits to fully explore them, as they seek to collect giant “treasures” (mundane everyday items) scattered and hidden around the stage, and rescue the outcasts.

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Pikmin 4 It focuses heavily on space crew and the citizens you end up rescuing, which fuels your character’s increased ability and a strong sense of progression. Upgrading your gear, space companion, and completing side missions are some of the new ideas that make this stand out. pikmine Great adventure. It is by far the biggest pikmine Game nintendo In all, around 30 hours for the initial campaign, with additional and significant challenges beyond that.

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The downside is that the first few hours of the game are very slow, as the game not only introduces the idea of ​​Pikmin, how to deal with them, and what each different type can do in the field, but also the crew and mechanics of progress. Since a much larger cast is being introduced this time around, the long talks are the primary vehicle for narrative and career direction.

However, once the full stack of gaming systems finally blossoms, it sings. Eventually, you can be trusted to pursue your own goals, and more interesting and challenging stages open up. With a more powerful feature set, Pikmin 4 It embraces its strategic traditions that have you mentally manipulate and multitask, whether it’s using your Pikmin to take down fierce enemies with precise dexterity or brute force, navigating dangerous terrain, or organize several reconnaissance and recovery campaigns at the same time. The more you can accomplish in the limited time you have to explore the stages of each tour, the higher your sense of accomplishment.

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And despite the focus on introducing entirely new audiences pikmineAnd Pikmin 4 In fact, it has more strategic micromanagement capabilities than its predecessors, thanks OchiYour canine companion and the true star of the show. While your adorable and loyal friend can act similarly to a Pikmin, they can also be separated from your character and used as a second hero. Being able to take direct control of Oatchi at any time, you can use it to start new missions in different parts of the map, while your main character waits for another group of Pikmin to finish building a bridge that he must cross, for example.

There are several additional modes in the original World Exploration Mission, all located in separate portals across the world. These include: more confined puzzle mazes, each with their own enemies, treasures, and environmental puzzles; individual competitions where you compete against another Pikmin captain to collect the most treasure; A mode that focuses on completing a step in the most efficient way possible within strict deadlines. They all use the same basic Pikmin gathering and mapping mechanic to fight enemies and collect items, but with modified actions that make each activity satisfying in its own way.

Pikmin 4 It also features nighttime missions for the first time in the series: combat-focused sojourns where you’re tasked with defending a location against a torrent of invading enemies, with the goal of holding out for a certain amount of time. Although the game gives you a unique and powerful type of Pikmin in this mode called Glow Pikmin – which comes with its own ability to stun and returns to you immediately when you complete a mission – the night missions are exciting and action-packed. , with the horror soundtrack doing no favors to keep you calm and serene. Oatchi’s use of command of a separate second team is still mandatory here, and he’ll still rise until dawn with a big sigh of relief.

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keep its friendly game character, Pikmin 4 Demanding nighttime missions can be skipped altogether, as can its one-on-one combat and time-based challenges. Any devastating Pikmin loss of life in the main campaign can be reversed with a rewind feature that can load a game minutes before the tragedy. Not only are these concessions welcome additions for those unaccustomed to the devious challenge of a glamorous game, but the final stages of the game. Pikmin 4this allows the game to really push the limits of difficulty without risking losing progress.

Despite the long and arduous progressive start designed for beginners, at the end, Pikmin 4 It features the series’ most demanding and multifaceted use of mechanics to date, with a host of situations and game modes that increase your ability to think strategically and plan ahead under pressure. Pikmin 4 She brilliantly accomplishes several things: staying true to her challenge and her identity pikmine series while expanding its ideas, making its concepts and obstacles more relevant, and simply being a lovely, charming achievement. pikmine learned.

The four stars: ★★★★

Pikmin 4
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release date: July 20, 2023

Pikmin 4 - Nintendo Switch

Pikmin 4 – Nintendo Switch

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