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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Soul Brawl Game Mode Explained

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Soul Brawl is a limited time game mode for Group 9: Runterra Reforged in Teamfight Tactics. This is part of the Choncc Dome event, which introduces new tactics, booms as well as an arena to compete in. The tournament consists of two phases: the Practice Phase and the Tournament Phase, where you prepare to take on matchups and fight other players, respectively.

Choncc Dome also offers a limited-time event pass that you can purchase in Teamfight Tactics. You can play games to earn XP and possibly get the limited-time cosmetics included with the pass.

This article explains the Soul Brawl game mode introduced in Teamfight Tactics Set 9: Runeterra Reforged.

All about Soul Brawl game mode in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

The Stages of a Soul Quarrel

training stage

The practice phase includes phases 1-1 through 3-8 in a Soul Brawl match. The goal of this stage is to collect as much spiritual power as possible. You will gain 30 Soul Power for winning, 15 for losing, and 1 Soul Power for each Hero eliminated in the Arena.

The higher amount of Soul Power increases the number of loot options Gwen and Sett give you when visiting, which translates to higher quality loot from PvE bosses. Additionally, it overrides the health system, ensuring that no one gets knocked out during this phase.

You also receive a suboptimal Soul Crown during the training phase, which increases attack damage, ability power, and hero health stats. In addition, the crown does not occupy any slots and can be wound up.

tournament stage

After the cultivation stage ends, you will no longer be able to receive soul force. Instead, the Imperfect Soul Crown would be upgraded to its true form, the Soul Crown.

The Soul Crown will grant better stats to the chosen hero and also allow them to revive them the first time they are killed. The hero will also spawn by doubling the amount of soul power collected and all negative effects will be removed.

You will then face consecutive opponents and must avoid losing twice in a row to avoid elimination.

Game details

Win/Loss streaks have been removed from the game mode and replaced with additional negative gold each round. The interest rate will be the same as in normal game modes. However, some plugins will interact similarly to Hyper Roll.

Chunk Dome Event Map

Event pass (Image via Riot Games)

The Choncc Dome Event Pass is similar to the standard Teamfight Tactics Pass but shorter. You can purchase the Event Pass for 575 RP, which will unlock cosmetic items such as Booms, Emotes, Star Shards, and the legendary Little Legend Khaat’Sai. However, those who participate in the free tier will receive 100 treasure tokens.

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