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Christina Hall takes her French bulldog to Animal Compassion

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Christina Hall’s beloved French bulldog, Kash, hasn’t quite been like himself lately. To find out what was going on, the HGTV star took him to see an animal sympathizer — and ended up getting a heartbreaking assessment that his family was determined to nurse him back to health.

In a new episode of Christina on the coastChristina and her husband, Josh Hall, discuss the behaviors of Cash, whom Christina welcomed as a puppy in 2017, and their other dog, Stella, a cancer survivor who has been a part of Josh’s life for nearly nine years. Since mixing up their dog family, the couple has noticed Cash barking a lot. “He didn’t until Stella came,” Christina said. “I think he’s trying to emphasize alpha.”

Josh then claims that Cash is the culprit behind a piece of wood that gnawed at their dining table. “I love Cash,” Josh added. “I just wish he was acting like Stella.”

They agreed to visit pet centers and landed at The Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach, California. The couple and their 12-year-old daughter Taylor take the two dogs to meet the friendly handler Durga. “The reason I can read dogs is because dogs have feelings and thoughts and they have personalities,” Durga explained. “It’s really cool to see where they’re coming from on the inside because I’ve seen people make small adjustments and change their behavior.”

Christina told the caller that Cash’s behavior problems began when she and Josh married in April 2022 and they moved in together. “Since we mixed up dog families, he barks at every little noise,” she explained. “He will literally bark even if he comes close to me and sees me, but he won’t stop.”

Durga asked to keep Kash so she could “give” her, and her immediate feedback is sure to touch every pet owner’s heart. “So Kash, when I listen to it, I almost want to cry,” she said. “My heart is getting heavy and I feel like there is a hold, like I am losing you.”

She continued, “He definitely feels like he’s lost his place, but it’s like… I don’t know if it’s that area or if he’s always had to prove himself or get attention because he feels like he’s slipped in some way.” »

She goes on to reveal that Cash is “i-Dog” who considers Christina his “wife”. She claims that Cash loves and respects Stella but feels like he’s lost in the shuffle. “He just has a misunderstanding of his place,” she added.

Josh admitted that when no one else was in the house, he would not pet Cash even though Cash followed him. [him] around like a shadow.

Stella is then stopped by Durga, who is revealed to be an intelligent dog who always watches over Josh. “It’s very clear to me that Josh and Cash need time to bond as men,” Durga said in an interview after the visit.

Later in the episode, Christina and Josh follow the advice of an animal sympathizer while having fun with their pets at the beach. Josh carries Kash and runs with him along the coast while Kash shows off his puppy energy. “I’ve always loved dogs,” Josh said. “I love Stella much more than most dogs, but I also have a lot of love to give to Kash.”

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