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FP1 Timing for Hungarian Grand Prix Practice: PlanetF1

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During the Limited Run session, it was George Russell who dominated the FP1 calendars in Hungary.

With conditions changing all the time, riders spent as little time as possible on the track, especially since the only dry part of the session was marked red after Sergio Pérez crashed.

The Mexican put his tire on the grass coming out of turn four and spun into the barrier at turn five, putting more pressure on his shoulders.

This crash could not have come at a worse time with Red Bull adding new parts to the car, but also with Daniel Ricciardo back on track with the new AlphaTauri team.

After the session’s green flag, the atmosphere opened up and a few drivers seemed ready to deal with the conditions, with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton favoring the relaxed atmosphere inside the garage.

You can read the full report here.

F1 Results: FP1 time to practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix

1 George Russell 1:38 795
2 Oscar Bester +0359200000
3 Lance Walker +1,218.00.00
4 Lando Norris +1,482.82
5 Fernando Alonso +1892009
6 Valtteri Botta +2,237,237.8
7 Charles Leclerc + 2347 0000
8 ZHOU Guanyu +2568 2007
9 Logan Sargant
10 Nico Hulkenberg + 3,911,200
11 Kevin Magnussen +4.111.2007
12 Yuki Tsunoda +6780
13 Alexander Albon +8612612.8
14 Daniel Ricciardo no time
15 – Carlos Sainz has no time
16- Sergio Perez There is no time left
17 Esteban Ocon no time
18- Pierre Gasly no time
20 Lewis Hamilton at any given time

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