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New look for the Google Photos app for Android and iOS

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Google Photos, the default photo and video app for Pixel users, has made some changes to its user interface (UI) elements. The app, which is available for Android and iOS users, offers useful editing tools. According to Android Police, Google removed the bottom navigation bar in the latest UI update.

Google News Telegram channel manager Nail Sadykov shared images of the new user interface, which were reportedly shared by a small number of users. One notable change is the addition of the new Memories tab, which now floats at the bottom of the screen. The search tab has also been transformed into a circular floating button in the lower right corner of the screen. Also, the Sharing tab has been moved to the upper right corner, to the left of the profile picture. The Google Photos logo has been moved from the center of the screen to the upper left corner.

According to Sadikoff, this UI change appears to be a Google test. As it was released on a limited number of Android and iOS devices, this indicates that Google is not fully committed to this new design. Google will likely collect feedback from users of both operating systems before making further decisions.

Regardless of the response to these changes, it appears that Google isn’t ready to implement them on a large scale just yet. The company will likely consider user feedback and make necessary adjustments before rolling out the updated UI to all users.

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