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Sony is rumored to be developing a PlayStation 5 Pro with a removable disk drive

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Sony is reportedly working on a new version of the PlayStation 5 that includes a removable disk drive. This new version adds to the existing PlayStation 5 lineup and, when combined with the Pro version, potentially gives us three PlayStation 5 variants.

According to Key To Gaming, the PlayStation 5 Pro will be the last in the PlayStation 5 series, retaining its current-gen console status until 2028. This lines up with rumors that Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 6 that year. It looks like Sony is in the advanced testing phase of the PlayStation 5 Pro.

The report states that beta events for the PS5 Pro are already taking place and major game development studios are expected to receive the test suite in November 2023. However, details about the development suite and hardware changes are still unknown.

It makes sense that Sony would allow game developers early access to new hardware for testing purposes. This way, developers can ensure that their AAA titles are optimized for the PlayStation 5 Pro and can take full advantage of its powerful internals. Sony likely wants to avoid a lackluster release event by ensuring there are compelling games available to showcase the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 Pro.

Overall, these rumors indicate that Sony is continuing to invest in the PlayStation 5 lineup, with the PlayStation 5 Pro being a notable addition. However, until the official announcements are made, we can only speculate on the features and functionality of this new variant.

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