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OpenAI releases custom help and additional message limits for ChatGPT

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OpenAI has announced new features for ChatGPT, including custom instructions and an increased message limit. These upgrades aim to improve the user experience and provide more flexibility in using the AI ​​chatbot.

The personalized help, launched on June 21, allows ChatGPT users to save their preferences and avoid repeated entries. This feature is currently available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers in the EU and UK as a beta feature. Users can specify instructions such as desired response length or height, allowing the AI ​​robot to customize its output accordingly. Teachers can customize instructions for educational purposes, ensuring that the chatbot’s responses match the needs of their students.

Developers can also take advantage of custom instructions by specifying their preferred programming language or other relevant information. This allows ChatGPT to provide more accurate and relevant suggestions.

Additionally, on June 20, OpenAI increased the message limit for ChatGPT from 25 to 50 every three hours. This extension allows users to have longer and deeper conversations with the chatbot. This also benefits developers experimenting with Code Interpreter and various ChatGPT extensions. However, the “Browse with Bing” plugin is disabled to prevent unauthorized access to paid content.

The custom help feature has an input limit of 1,500 characters and an improved message limit facilitates more extensive interactions with ChatGPT.

These upgrades provide users with a more personalized and varied chatbot experience. OpenAI aims to continuously improve ChatGPT’s performance and adapt its responses to user instructions without overdoing it.

To learn more about these features and their applications, users can refer to OpenAI’s help page. An Android app for ChatGPT is also expected to be released soon, adding to the accessibility of the AI ​​tool.

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